Day 4: Bratislava

Setting off from Salzburg early in the day, we reached Bratislava just after 1. Bratislava is a quaint old town, narrow cobbled streets, castles high up on the hills and the Danube snaking its way around it.

The city itself is not large and easy enough to navigate through. Our first stop is the Bratislava Castle, high up on the hill, Hrad Bratislava is quite grand. There is a pretty good restaurant up at the top, sadly no vegetarian options!

The castle is now home  to a museum, we explore the outer buildings, head to the grounds for some packed lunch and then headed out to the old city across the river.  The narrow streets are steep, quaint little shops line the streets and the old city arches tell us how far we are from other cities, including Sydney!

The Blue Church stands tall across the river and we make our way back to the castle to head out to Hungary… sadly though, Bratislava is a beautiful city, still showing signs of the civil war from the early 90’s and the communist era apartment blocs do not do much for the cityscape. But the people are friendly and the city green and welcoming in the summer…well worth a stop!


Day 4 photos here