Day 3: Werfen Caves – Salzburg

A fabulous day, light wind and perfectly sunny… A good day to explore the beautiful city of Salzburg and walk the 700+ steps of the Werfen Ice caves.

The drive to the caves goes past a fabulous castle atop a hill, the first of many we see in Austria. Later finding out these were built as way stops for the royalty in the middle ages, as they went around their kingdom, each castle was kept in pristine condition and fully staffed on the off chance the monarch or his high ranking officials may stop their for a night!

The Werfen ice caves are a network of natural ice caves in the mountains around Salzburg, discovered in the late 19th century. While many miles have been uncovered, the 1st kilometer is open to public. You go up 700+ steps each way, led by a guide and lit by magnesium flares…the experience is magical! Allow about 2 hours for this activity.

After a quick lunch here, we headed to Salzburg with the single point agenda of seeing  the key sites of the Sound of Music movie. Many travel sites and tours advertise this, imagine our disappointment when we were finally told by a guide that most of the sites we are shown were re-created after the movie was shot, specifically for tourists.

However the city is beautiful, we abandoned the tour after 3 sites: Hellbrunn Castle, Mirabell Gardens and the Refectory  and instead decided to walk the old city, explore the river side and the famed lock bridge and visit the birth place of Mozart! Amazing town!

Day 3 photos