Day 2: St Johann to Wien

A daunting day trip of 358 odd km’s each way, we made a relatively early start, aiming to get to Wien or Vienna as it is more commonly know!

It is best to take the A1 autobahn and keep a steady 150km/hr for most of the way. We covered most of the distance in about 2 hours, the last bit getting into town, it slowed a fair bit.

The 1st stop was at Schloss Schonbrunn, the absolutely palace dating back to the 1560’s and home to the Habsburg monarchs. The current edifice was largely remodelled during Empress Maria Teresa’s time. However the most poignant history is that of Emperor Franz Joseph, who did extensive modifications for his wife, the beautiful SiSi. She however hardly spent there.

The tour of the castle and the grounds is a must for any visitors to Wien. A quick packed lunch in the car and we head to Hundertwasserhaus, a unique apartment complex, with each apartment in the building sporting greenery and a unique feature. We gawked at the building for some time and then headed to the famed Ring Road and Karlsplatz.

Parking in Vienna is challenging, especially if you cannot read signs in German. In the end parked near the University and walked round the Ring road- home to some of the most spectacular buildings- Opera house, theatres and the venues where some of the greats have entranced audiences in the past.

Briefly became part of history, as we sipped coffee the hotel next door was where the International Athletics Federation met and banned Russia from participating in Rio 2016 and we got the news 7 minutes after it was announced!! More interesting a group of “exotically” dressed or undressed cyclists took to the streets…..A day in Wien can never be called boring!

Leaving the city at peak time, we took over 4 hours to get back to St Johann, taking the wrong exit did not help- however it was a stunner of a day!

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