Driving the Vela Varnishes: Summer 2016

A hastily thrown together trip, what started off as random plans/wishful thinking in Dec 2014 and then forgotten about!

Tickets bought 3 weeks before travel and possible cities to visit being debated up 2 days before we boarded the plane!!

For all that random planning, this trip was amazingly awesome! Driving close to 4000 km’s over 12 days, touching 6 countries, visiting 13 cities, numerous churches, palaces museums, seeing the mighty Danube in 3 cities, seeing the Alps in 4 countries and learning historical facts that we were totally unaware of….the people, the art and craft and the places we stayed all were experiences to be cherished….the company amazing as always and the laughs, the jokes and late night chats and the crazy antics just making this yet another memorable Vela Varnish trip!