Dilwale…..Why Mr Shetty??

When you have approximately 135 Crores to burn on a 155 minute movie, you are  flipping luxury vehicles, burning and crashing gorgeous cars, doing car chases across picturesque Bulgarian towns. Your heroines are wearing $1000 shoes- Why Mr Shetty did you use plastic flowers in Raj’s house???

AND why did you decide that 2 single men, one who is an ex gangster should live in a lovely cottage, straight out of an Enid Blyton book, with bright blue & yellow walls, bright furniture & seriously shocking pink cushions?? Pink cushions, becharey gangster ki izzat ka falooda nahi ban jayega??

Rohit Shetty- with a power pair of SRK & Kajol, Boman & Sanjay Mishra, surely you could have done more.

Is a plot, some plot, any plot- a coherent screenplay, a slightly less nonsensical editing too much to ask for??

And getting the production design right- with Red chillies behind the movie, did you really need to skimp on simple things like a believable house, flowers??

The dialogues are cheesy, the humor terrible & most annoyingly – there is absolutely no story line, none! Vinod Khanna in a 2 min role, Kabir Bedi even shorter, Varun Dhawan has so much potential and is totally wasted DLWhere- with stupid dialogues, the 1 scene where he has a bit of scope to show his acting he does well.

Kajol, sad to say is a total fail, her initial scenes are farcical, If Rohit Shetty had spent some time developing her character, instead of trying to ape DDLG scenes might have worked!

SRK: I am such a huge fan, I have forgiven him for some seriously shoddy performances, but here- the entire blame is squarely on Rohit Shetty- he just could not use the material effectively. The “young SRK’s ” look was terrible, the make up lines were visible in close up shots and his dialogues at odds with the character. The older SRK looked and did much better, but hampered by a zero plot movie. He looked his real age and acted it too…so much b

The screenplay is so bad that it looked like it had been made by a 1st timer using bit actors, not a movie with the country’s biggest superstar!!!

However, SRK tries bravely, while the magic of DDLJ or K3G can never be recreated….one thing he does prove, no one can do romance without any dialogues quite like him….A scene where he fixes Kajol’s car and another one when he beats up goons who try and strong arm her …..no words, just the eyes and he still can get a girl weak kneed!!!!

And most importantly Mr Shetty…..you cannot, just CANNOT make anyone else do SRK’s signature love arms!!!

Such a waste…..stay home and see DDLJ one more time!







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