About Anu Krishnan

I am an avid reader, keen social observer and an attentive listener. I love listening to people’s stories and find out how they see the world.

A 3rd generation Delhi-ite, I love the city with a passion and each and every inch feels like home. While I have now lived longer outside Delhi, it is still home.

I followed a harebrained desire to study Anthropology and discovered that it was what I was always meant to do- and 25 years on it influences and guides my work every day.

I feel passionately about equity, dignity and ranuespect. I believe strongly in mutual respect and acceptance of cultural diversity and celebration of the common values among our multicultural communities. If we lose our ability to respect and accept that each person is different, we lose our humanity.

My Prism is where I write and ruminate, sometime rail – it is a commentary on how the world bends my view on life and how the reverse sometimes also happens! My blog features my views on many issues, some everyday ones that niggle away at us and some larger ones- that make you stop and think about how YOU feel about these issues.

I am sure my commentary will sometimes interest you, occasionally anger you- but it hopefully makes you think about things differently!

Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anu.krishnan.7

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anukrish1206/



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