The helping hand…….

A perfect spring day, in the world’s most liveable city.

A job to go to, a home to come to.

A family to love, friends to laugh with.

Travel to plan, weekend sleep-ins to savour…..

Life is good…….or so it seems……

Why is it that when everything is so easy to get, somethings are still so out of reach?

How can it be that in such a connected world, so many feel isolated?

What is wrong with us, that we don’t see the distress in others, while we endlessly stalk people’s social media so intently?

Everyone endlessly assures the world that they are “here” if someone wants to talk, yet are quick to say “you’ve completely forgotten me” when you call them after a while!

People talk in hushed tones about someone’s misfortune, eager for every minute detail, quick to find a reason to blame!

Most are happy to tell what to do, quick to give you their blue print to follow, yet no-one thinks to ask “what do you want”

So many people ready to talk for you to pour your heart out……yet no one really wants to sit with you in silence.

So many people ready to share happy stories, yet so uncomfortable to hear the pain.

So many people, shrugging their shoulders, moving on, to the next problem to solve, to the next issue to ponder, “you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves” 

It’s no wonder you hold on to your broken life, it’s broken but at least it’s still yours

Anu Krishnan

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