When a movie completely disappoints, expected so much more of Jyothika!

Finally watched 36 Vayathinile (At the age of 36) with many expectations….sadly sadly let down.

Let down on a 2 levels actually- 1) the technical treatment of the movie & 2) conceptually…

The Movie: The idea is a good one, a woman stuck in a rut, being undermined because she put her dreams aside for the sake of the family. She goes thru a sea-change and comes out, with renewed self esteem and recognition for her own achievements. Great!

The execution of the movie however was sadly not up to the potential the theme afforded. There was no build up of Vasanthi’s (played by Jyothika) character. From the first scene she is somehow on the backfoot. Her husband’s utter dislike for her is not explained. She has a job, but apparently performs poorly, again not explained. Why is her visa to Ireland rejected on age grounds, when her husbands’ go thru- unexplained.
Why does he want to go to Ireland in the 1st place? Unexplained

Why does the daughter not like her? Unexplained

In one scene she says she is ok for her husband to go to Ireland and she will look after his parents, a few scenes later she is upset he does it!

The whole track of the husband’s accident, trying to get his wife to take the fall was unnecessary, the husband was an a/h anyways.

The screenplay is shoddier beyond belief. They don’t show her interest in organic farming or her passion for it, just watering a couple of times and suddenly she’s an expert on greenhouse farming. A fellow bus passenger recommends her to her employer. And lo & behold, her sari shop owner is ok for her to supply vegies for a wedding??

Her husband’s reading news in one scene and looking for software jobs in Ireland?

Shoddy as!

The worst bit however is her coming out, a friend appears from nowhere and suddenly giving her lectures about changing her whole being & her  response, posting a video on FB!!!

I wish the director & writer had done better on this one.
Shown her with some more layers, explaining why her husband hated her. Give her a bit of backbone and not take it all so quietly and have the courage to leave him.

And the whole meeting the President, seriously?? He meets a terrace gardener??

Overall, so disappointed….they tried an English-Vinglish and failed….

The concept is another blog!


3 thoughts on “When a movie completely disappoints, expected so much more of Jyothika!

  1. Yeah, not a good picture of a woman on the go. She could have found out the question by asking the teachers or some fellow students, right ? Jyothika seemed to sleep walk through the movie. Even English Vinglish is not all that great.

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