Talentless wonders….ever wonder how perfectly talentless people can become opinion icons on everything…..

I love watching interview based programs and talks and something that is a serious bug bear is how perfectly talentless person can become a SME( subject matter expert) with zero knowledge on the subject on hand!

India watchers will appreciate some of these SMM(subject matter morons) on TV…..

Sonam Kapoor: This not so little star kid is a talentless wonder, she walks down Cannes in fantastic gowns, she’s on every show talking about how she’s looking for the best movie opportunities and how B’wood has no imagination for female oriented scripts and then she talks about her contemporaries in the industry and how they have no sense of style….
Her claim to fame….a couple of sad, sad movie roles and turning up at every red carpet event in designer gowns!


Freida Pinto: She does one movie with 8 mins of talk time and one dance in the movie, with a director like Danny Boyle, she still could not do one decent emotive scene! But she manages to get air time on dozens of US talk shows….on one she said that she found that there were no decent roles for her kind of talent and looks, apparently she was told she looks too western…seriously more western than Katrina Kaif!


The Kardashians: Need I say any more…. How to make $$ from dysfunction is an art and this family has nailed it!

Each one a bigger disaster and turning that into moolah…an achievement!

Jackie Lambie: She has not one single notable deed to her  and here she is sitting in Parliament….

Sarah Palin: She can see Russia from her house….cannot spell and she thinks she can run the one remaining super power…..

But I wonder….is the presence of these people in the airwaves and in people’s consciousness  just an indication how we now are happy to measure ourselves against mediocrity and apathy and feel good that we are better than them?

Or are we just so jaded that we expect no better role models and want this kind of shock talk?

Where are the real heros? What happened to the times we used to look up to people who achieved greatness thru talent and hard work? Why is it that we no longer see those people being celebrated….why is poverty porn and shocking social craziness hogging our time?




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