Why is so hard to say NO?

NO….2 simple letters, when together such a powerful message…so simple and yet so hard to say at the right time.

As kids we say NO to everything in sight…good and bad…..as we get older it gets harder… we either dont say it at the right time or we say NO at the wrong time.

20-20 vision is brilliant….we can all look back and say…”Hmmm, I should have said NO to that” or “I should NOT have done/said that” but at the time, while our heads say NO….our lips are saying YES….sometimes even the heart says, NO, not good idea, Boss…..but the lips are saying YES…

I wonder why???

Is it because we innately hate anything negative? Or is it that we don’t want to disagree with the other person, or is it because we are not sure of defending our position to the other party???

The other annoying thing that people say is SORRY…..usually following the unsaid NO….

You don’t say NO when you should…things go belly up and you know you have mucked up big time….you come back and apologise to all and sundry and say ” I should have said NO, I shoudl NOT have done that, but it happened so fast/so suddenly/it was so hard. I am SORRY” The expectation is that the apology is gracefully accepted and all is forgiven… if not the non acceptor is the villian….how annoying and how massively unfair!!!

While I am all for learning from my mistakes, sometimes it does get too far and I have had my fill of being the collateral damage to other people’s mistakes!So henceforth…I say NO & I am proud of it!


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