Strange are the ways of an unseen but familiar, unknown but comforting being….

It has been a hard few weeks, I have felt like a rudderless boat in stromy seas at times!!!!Exaggeration???? Maybe but truth is 99% perception right!!Yesterday I felt the need to go to a small Vinayakar temple here in Singapore…not far from home & until recently I did not even know it existed, but a good friend told me about it & said the belief was that it was a “powerful” temple…this was a couple of months ago…again earlier this week, another friend mentioned this temple & said she had heard it was a temple where beleivers never fail…

So last night, I wanted to go…I thought it might be good to take Ravi as well & waited for him to come back home, as it happened we did not leave until almost 830 and as it happened the temple closes for darshan at 830, we were 10 mins late getting there..I was very upset…felt it was a sign…on top of all the other things going this seemed to be a bad omen…coming back from there gave my husband a huge peice of my mind…the 1st thing he had said when I told him I wanted to go was ” wont it be closed” so he got a huge dressing down!!

I could barely eat dinner…I could not get the image of the curtain in front of the sanctum sanctorum out of my head… Ravi told me he would ensure we go there 1st thing this morning and I was not keen on any promises…As it happened I could not sleep past 445 this morning & went to the gym very early, came back at 6 to find that Ravi was ready and waiting to go to the temple….so away we went…

What a sight…at 630 AM the temple was full…we went as the Paal Abishekam was in progress & A Ganapathy Homam was being conducted…there were dozens of devotees doing 108 pradakshinams around the sanctum… The resonating chants of the homam, the smell of dhoopam, the deepa darshanam, the fragrance of all the alangaara flowers was an amazing experience….I felt the tensions of last evening seep away and a feeling of calm run thru my head…As we stood there and prayed as the abishekams continued…I looked around and saw that many of the devotees were not tamil or south indians, some were north indians, some chinese…all deeply devout in their personal prayers, well before the sun was up in this small very very south indian temple…

As the ganapathy homam was concluding, I found that it was actually ekadashi today, one of the most holy days in the hindu calendar…

We sevichufied and left the temple after an hour of being there…

And as we head back to the car, Ravi said…..maybe Vinayagar only wanted us to come and see him on ekadashi during the abishegam & be a small part of the homam….that is why he did not let us see him last night…so that was his way not an omen…..

With a much more calmer frame of mind this morning I can but only agree with that….HE does work in strange ways, maybe today morning was meant to be…. As a thought….in whatever we believe in, let the faith stay strong & strength prevail!


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