Life in general…..


I have resisted starting a blog for many years now, preferring to write on Facebook…but then it seemed that instant gratification of posting and getting responses was not enough maybe?

Maybe more to say, more in-depth interaction Plus maybe there were some things that I felt much more deeply about and that was not the right platform to write on!

About me: I am an adventurer at heart, follower of dreams, fiercely loyal to those I love, deeply introspective- though it may not seem so, welcoming of all in my life, I define my life by the people in it and the relationships I have made.
I followed my soul-mate across the world, risked ridicule to be part of his life, now he and our 2 kids are my world!

I love people, I love books, I love movies and I love a good cup of tea…preferably with friends!
I don’t consider any work to be a drudge, happy to scrub a kitchen & do a presentation for a country head…both are work!


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